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Sponsor a Shabbat Dinner

Sponsor a Shabbat Dinner


Shabbat dinner at Chabad is a four course, three hour spirited event that is open to all students at no cost.

There are various options to sponsor a Shabbat dinner at Chabad in honor or in memory of a loved one.

Host a Shabbat Dinner Table for a Year ( click to learn more ): $10,000*

Host a Shabbat Dinner Table for a Semester ( click to learn more ): $5,000*

~A table will carry your name and appear on the reservation website and the Shabbat dinner table~

~At the end of the semester you will receive the name of all the guests at your table~

Sponsor a Shabbat Dinner: $2,000

Co-Sponsor a Shabbat Dinner: $1,000

~After Shabbat you will receive the names of all the guests at the Shabbat dinner you sponsored~


*Payment plan available.