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It’s a wonderful thing to remain connected with friends and Jewish knowledge. As our family of Brandeis alum grows, inTouch can provide you with both. At a convenient time of your choice, you and a partner will commit to learning for 30 minutes every other week.

It’s that simple.

How It Works

Sign up and tell us if:

a) You have a preferred friend or if you'd like us to make a suggestion from our growing family of Brandeis alum.

b) You have a text you’d like to study or you’d like a suggestion.

c) Tell us the day and time you will be able to be inTouch.

We will take care of the rest.

The Commitment

Only one cycle of two sessions every other week (completed in one month).

After Cycle 1 you can reconsider if you’d like to commit to Cycle 2 for six sessions (completed in three months), and if you want to remain with the same learning partner.

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