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The Chabad Club

The Chabad Club


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The Chabad Club is being established to facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of Brandeis students.

Membership is acquired through contributing 45 minutes a week to one’s own Jewish learning. The learning, of your choice, will occur at the Chabad House Library, anytime between 10am and 10pm with a study partner or within a study group. During specific times Chanie and Peretz will be available as resources and will also lead classes.

Shabbat dinners will fluctuate between Chabad Club members and the public. Membership benefits include participation in designated Chabad Club Shabbat dinners as well as other events and opportunities.

The weekly learning will begin next semester, Fall '17.


The Reason:

Chabad’s mission is to stimulate students development and nurture their relationship with G‑d and with Judaism. A relationship’s growth parallels what is invested in it. The more one gives towards it the healthier it becomes, no different than any other relationship.

We recognize that a Shabbat dinner is an exceptional experience that can also function as a stepping stone into something more. However it lacks the ability to fully develop a wholesome relationship with G‑d and Judaism because participants are simply recipients of what is provided to them.

The Chabad Club is intended to challenge students to take ownership of their Judaism by investing their time and effort for just 0.4% of the week -- 45 of 10,080 minutes in the week, as well as infuse the Shabbat dinners with a sense of investment and giving.

Sixteen years at Brandeis allows us to observe scores of students and alumni. What differentiates those for whom Judaism grows with those by whom it regresses is whether one is a recipient or an investor. This is why we are proud to be launching the Chabad Club today and eagerly await its formal start next semester.

We invite you to join today and welcome your thoughts.

Much love,
Chanie and Peretz