myChabad Shabbat Dinner provides everything students need to host Shabbat dinner on their own and in their space with friends. By everything, we mean three courses, dinnerware, a hotplate, kiddush cup, challah board and cover, silver candle sticks, and a folder with information on how to host a traditional Shabbat dinner.

myChabad Shabbat Dinner is intended for students who otherwise do not generally celebrate Shabbat dinner at either Chabad or Hillel, or students who have a relationship with Chabad as reflected in ongoing participation via the Chabad Club, an immersive learning experience.

Each myChabad Shabbat Dinner is limited to 12 participants.

“This is such a great idea. It provides for an occasion to gather friends and loved ones on a Friday to observe the Shabbat tradition the way you do at home. I really appreciated the folder with explanations and the flexibility of following the steps we felt comfortable with. It is a wonderful way to welcome not-so-religious people and getting them interested in their religion."

Lesli Jebahar ’12, myChabadShabbat Dinner host

This option isn't available during Covid.

Forms must be submitted by Tuesday evening prior to the Shabbat you wish to host.