Keeping in touch with alumni is one of the highlights of Chabad at Brandeis and a real delight for Peretz and Chanie. 

Here are some recent events:

Weddings! It’s a sweet delight to participate in alumni’s weddings. Peretz and Chanie continue to travel across the US and over the oceans to join in these momentous celebrations.

During the summers, the Chein family moves to NYC, and hosts Shabbat dinners and lunches. Spending time with alumni during the week as well, on their balcony and in NY’s wonderful spots, late into the night is a real treat. This past summer (August '15) they spent two weeks reconnecting with many alumni.

With many of the early Chabad Brandeis alumni in Paris, occasionally Peretz and/or Chanie visit the City of Lights and have a reunion with alumni at a hotel or at an alumnus' home.

They both recently enjoyed an alumni reunion in Paris, in March ’16.

There have also been alumni get-togethers in Israel, London and Los Angeles.

Shabbat dinner at Talia's on the UWS in January ’15 where 100 alumni gathered for this memorable evening, with more waitlisted was a fantastic Shabbat dinner, standing on chairs and all.

By sharing your updated information you will be informed of alumni events in your area, and help us stay connected wit you, help you network if you’d like, and share in your life’s celebrations.

Follow this link to keep us updated on your celebrations and milestones.