The Chabad Club was developed by Rabbi Peretz and Chanie Chein two years ago to facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of Brandeis students. Investing in something makes it valuable and lasting.

Becoming a member means you are investing in your Judaism, ensuring its long term viability and fullness.

Membership is acquired through contributing 45 minutes a week to your own Jewish learning.

The learning, of your choice, will occur at the Chabad House Library, anytime between 10am and 10pm, on your own, with a study partner or in a study group (read details below).

Last semester almost 100 students invested in their Jewish experience, recognizing the need to own their experience and not to remain passive!

Due to Covid, Chabad Club is suspended this semester.
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Chabad’s mission is to stimulate students development and nurture their relationship with G‑d and with Judaism. A relationship’s growth parallels what is invested in it. The more one gives towards it the healthier it becomes, no different than any other relationship.

While we recognize that a Shabbat dinner (our legendary weekly experience) is an exceptional experience that can also function as a stepping stone into something more, it lacks the ability to fully develop a wholesome relationship with G‑d and Judaism because participants are simply recipients of what is provided to them.

The Chabad Club is intended to challenge students to take ownership of their Judaism by investing their time and effort for just 0.4% of the week — 45 of 10,080 minutes in the week, as well as infuse the Shabbat dinners with a sense of investment and giving. And you get to choose which day and time works for you to learn!

Over seventeen years at Brandeis allows Peretz and Chanie to observe scores of students and alumni. What differentiates those who grow in Judaism with those by whom it remains passive or regresses, is whether one is a recipient or an investor. This is why Chabad at Brandeis is proud to be the creators of the Chabad Club and be at the cutting edge of sustainable Jewish student engagement.

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It goes without saying that you're primarily benefitting yourself. Your character, skills, soul and mind will develop in a strong and sustainable way as you explore the importance of initiating and then committing to an experience without any external reward.

About every other Shabbat Dinner will be for Club Members. Students will now be motivated to recognize the critical need of giving and investing in their own Judaism, instead of being passive participants in what is handed to them. By becoming a Chabad Club Member you are invited to all Shabbat Dinners which will in turn be a richer and more meaningful experience as you and other investors in Judaism will share the same space.

Other events will also be created so that members can continue to grow and learn from one another, as well as enjoy each other's company.

This club is open to all and we anticipate a delightful group of mature, inquisitive, caring and motivated students.

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Fill out this form with your information and select the day and time that fits your schedule best. You can select to learn on your own, with a partner or join a study group (see below for details.)

The Chabad House library is located on the bottom floor, at 54 Turner St., a short walk from campus. The entrance is though the back door of the house.

Peretz and Chanie will make themselves available in the library and help you get comfortable and familiar with the space and your options of learning, as well as respond to your questions and thoughts.

Before you depart there will be a brief from to checkout your time and share a sentence or two about what you learned. This way you're accountable to this experience and will be contributing to the overall sense of community that will be built.

There will be refreshments and drinks on hand for you to enjoy.

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The Club begins the week of _____ and continues for 10 weeks. All Club Members need to commit to learn for 10 times during the semester.

Much Love,
Peretz and Chanie