Developing your own voice and language in your life and Judaism gives it a vibrancy that is vital in your transition into adulthood. 

m54 Student Edition is the space and community to achieve that through dedicating 45 minutes a week to develop your personal relationship with Judaism through learning, exploring, and gathering as a community.

Why Join? Because now it's UP TO YOU to engage with Judaism. You should no longer rely on your parent/s, teachers, or school to define the relationship for you.

What's in it for you? Beyond developing your own voice and language in your life and Judaism, it's an opportunity to become more involved with Chabad at Brandeis. m54 Student Edition Shabbat dinners, bi weekly Tuesday dinners (in the library), and social events will foster this community.

How do I join? Select any day and time to explore any topic in the Chabad Library on your own or with a friend, or join a class led by Chanie or Peretz. 

Chanie and Peretz can also help you choose a topic to explore. Peretz will be in the Chabad Library every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12-2 pm, so pick this time slot if you'd like his company!

Due to the schedule of the holidays this year m54 Student Edition will formally begin the week of October 3rd. In the meantime you can sign up and join this community and even begin your learnings early!

- A curious mind and a spirited soul.
- Attend 85% of your weekly learning.
- After the study session or class write a short paragraph on the content learned or a personal takeaway.
It will be published each week in the Chabad weekly email and distributed at Shabbat Dinner.

Tuition, to invite buy-in, is $25 with many scholarships available.

Please email Chanie, [email protected], or Peretz, [email protected], with any questions.

Much love,
Chanie and Peretz

When one’s experienced life (18) engages with an idea of life & Judaism (18)  a new liveliness (18) emerges.
That's the magic of 54.
And it's our address:)

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