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Developing your own voice and language in your life and Judaism increase the vibrancy of both. 

m54 Student Edition is a space and community to begin developing that.

m54 S.E. attracts students from diverse backgrounds, but with a shared goal of thinking and growing. Through committing to once a week of 45 minutes of learning at the Chabad House library, you join the m54 Student Edition community.

The learning can be done on your own, with a partner, in a group, or in a class (options below). 

The m54 Student Edition community also gathers for a variety of events, including exclusive Shabbat dinners, to deepen friendships, explore ideas, or relax away from campus life. 

Berel Shur has joined the Chabad Brandeis team as Director of Education, focusing on leading m54 Student Edition, with an emphasis on learning with students. 

After studying at yeshiva  in Israel f or three years, then another three years in North America, Berel returned to Israel for one year of study and teaching before joining the Chabad Brandeis team.


  • Attend 85% of your weekly learning.
  • At the end of each study session or class write a short paragraph on the content learned or a personal takeaway. It will be published each week in the Chabad weekly email and distributed at Shabbat Dinner.

m54 Student Edition begins the second week of September '22 - but you're welcome to begin learning earlier!
Tuition* is $25 with scholarships available.
A trial period of two weeks is an option too.

Email Chanie, [email protected] with any questions.

Much love,
Chanie and Peretz

What does m54 stand for?
When one’s experienced life (18) engages with an idea of life & Judaism (18)  a new liveliness (18) emerges.
That's the magic of 54.

*The tuition is intended to invite participants to demonstrate their valuing of the m54 experience, no different than other experiences of value that are accompanied by a cost.

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