Fall 2023


M54 Student Edition will take on a new format this semester—first, some background.

M54* has developed and successfully employed an in-depth educational model called Avoda P'nimit, the Journey Within and Insourcing, with multiple cohorts of adults in the US and Canada, and is now excited to share the learning experience with students at Brandeis.

M54 Student Edition will provide students with the tools necessary to encounter life by learning to make choices with clarity and courage, to reflect on assumptions and expectations, and to nourish deep relationships.

The learning experience will occur in a warm, relational environment and under the expert and caring guidance of Chanie and Peretz Chein, co-founders of M54 and co-directors of the Chabad House at Brandeis since they established it in 2001.

This learning experience will also increase participating students' passion and knowledge to grow their connection to Judaism.

The learning will occur in cohorts of 8-10 students. The number of qualified applicants will determine the number of cohorts. 

Qualified applicants will need to display deep curiosity, a desire to learn from and with others, and a full commitment to the learning process.

To apply, please fill out this form. If your application indicates that you are a good fit for the program, you will be invited to an interview with Chanie and Peretz.


- Applications due - September 7, 2023
- Interview period - September 11 - 14
- M54 Student Edition begins - Week of September 18
- Cohorts will meet on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday evening, TBD. 
- The 8 Sessions will be for 90 minutes each. 
- For the Fall 2023 semester, M54 Student Edition is not open to incoming First Years. 

Tuition for this learning experience is being fully underwritten by generous donors of the Chabad House and M54.

Reach out with any questions to [email protected] or [email protected].


The Chabad House library will remain open any day or time for all students to visit and learn.

*M54 is for the Magic of 54, 3 times Chai (3x18=54), and is an educational startup launched in 2021.
When one person (Chai which means life in Hebrew and is numerically equivalent to 18) engages with another person (a second 18) in holistic and in-depth conversations, a new liveliness (a third 18) emerges. That's the Magic of 54.