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What's happening

What's happening

It’s Their Secret and Our Hope

For the second year in a row we hosted Zusha at Chabad of Brandeis, a soulful band of three young men, recent college graduates, whose popularity is on the rise. The Shabbat at Brandeis was part of their Boston visit as they tour the country celebrating the release of Kavana, their latest and well received album.

Their brand is the Chassidic musical style of neegoon, wordless melody, and they seek to inspire people of all backgrounds to live with intention, meaning and love. On stage they dance with each other in the chaotic and soulful Chassidic style, one arm wrapped around each other’s while the other arm sways directionless in the air.

Elisha, the percussionist, with his short hair, neatly trimmed blond beard and casual… Read More »

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