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What's happening

What's happening

Our World Is Changing and So Must We; Otherwise We Are Negligent


Since our arrival in Waltham in 2001, two drastic changes have occurred at Brandeis, though they are not exclusive to Brandeis. Firstly, tuition has gone up from the mid $30,000-a-year to close to $70,000 today. Fifteen years ago, that was approximately 20% below the median income, today it’s close to 20% above it.

When the cost of one’s education exceeds what an average person earns in a year, an underlying pressure exists to achieve a net return on this investment. Often that comes at the cost of excluding other valuable enriching opportunities. This is evident in the recent surge of business majors at Brandeis, now becoming one of the largest majors, contrasted with the sharp decline in Judaic studies majors. It is… Read More »

A Student’s Voice: Inclusivity Can Sometimes Be Judgmental


By Ruby:

Since arriving at Brandeis three years ago, I was reluctant to join a religious community on or off campus. I grew up in an inclusive Reconstructionist shul full of music, social justice, and community support. I knew what I wanted in a religious community, and I was very reluctant to venture outside of my type of Judaism. I found a home in the Reconstructionist services on campus and, although I was frequently invited to join a Chabad or Hillel dinner, I thought a Jew like me would never be welcome in that environment.

This fall, Chabad at Brandeis held Mega Shabbat, a community dinner for several hundreds of Brandeis students, Jews and non-Jews alike. I had not been to a Chabad dinner in two years, but since several of… Read More »

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