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What's happening

What's happening

Reclaiming our Chabad Authenticity

Neither publicly, nor for that matter privately, have I ever shared this; after fifteen years of leading the Chabad House at Brandeis I was burnt out and ready to seek an alternative. Chanie, my wife, also shared some of these feelings. This was in the Spring of 2017, concluding our sixteenth year, though it developed over the previous few years. 

A convergence of various factors led to that point; tired of the constant departure of students from our lives as they graduate, financial instability, a noticeable change in the students over the years, and a frustration of raising a family in the isolation of Waltham.

At that time I met with my spiritual mentor (a mashpia in Chassidic terminology), and after a long conversation… Read More »

A Conversation I was Hesitant to Have

I am fortunate to engage with hundreds of students each year, meet many of their families and continue to nurture these relationships in the years following college as the Director of the Chabad House at Brandeis University.

What’s moving to me is experiencing the evolvement of a relationship as the student grows older, develops his or herself, and gets comfortable in their skin. When they maturely interact with life’s responsibilities, commit to a long term relationship, and even have their own children, their understanding of life deepens and our relationship can become more balanced as we share in life’s nuanced and enriching experiences.

When Ariella Morrow ‘06 shared her story of sexual assault on social… Read More »

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