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What's happening

The Antidote to Narcissism: Investment

When Chanie and I married, 19 years ago today, the 11th of Shevat, we were committed to living our lives together and raising our future family as Shluchim (emissaries) of the Rebbe. In simpler terms that meant to be wholly dedicated to positively impact the lives of individuals and the world. It also meant to do it on our own and without institutional support. In other words, alongside being fully focused on enriching people’s lives, we’d be fully dependent on the generosity of others to operate, live, and raise our family.

Needing to continuously ask people for financial support has been enlightening as it’s a window into their soul. In the immortal words of the 2nd century Talmudic sage Rabbi Ilai, “A… Read More »

Kosher v. Doing Good

Place eating an exclusively kosher diet – no buttered lamb for instance- alongside giving one’s resources – fiscal or talent – towards a worthwhile cause. Then ask, “What measurable impact and value does each, observing kosher and doing good, have on the world?”

Young people are asking this question and concluding that a kosher diet, just one example of observing Judaism, is insignificant compared to doing good. The typical talking points offered as a response are failing to resonate. “Because G-d said so or it connects you to G-d,” elicits a blank look. More importantly they don’t see how observing Judaism makes a difference to the world at large.

A more relatable answer offered is… Read More »

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