Shabbat is a gift. Set apart from the constant movement of the workweek, Shabbat is an island of rest and inner-peace. It gives focus and revitalizes the spirit. In fact, it is often said, "More than the Jews keep Shabbat, Shabbat keeps the Jews." It is a time where all Jews can come together in a celebration of all that was accomplished during the week, all that is to come in the week ahead, and the oneness that propels us through it all.

At the Chabad House you can feel the spirit of Shabbat like nowhere else. Friday night dinner is more than simply a delicious, homemade, 4-course feast. It is sprinkled with song and dance, Jewish insight and wisdom, and the opportunity to mingle with fellow students from all traditions. Always growing in popularity, Shabbat at Chabad is an experience you cannot miss - The Brandeis Hoot listed attending a Shabbat dinner at Chabad as a must-do prior to graduation.


We are excited to share the Shabbat Dinner schedule for Spring 2024. There will be three types of Shabbat Dinners. 

  1. Community. Open to the entire Brandeis community, and like last year of Spring 2023, participants will write a reflection along with their RSVP. This increases the intentionality and participatory character of the Shabbat Dinner for all guests. 

  2. M54. These Shabbat Dinners are for M54 participants. Learn about M54 here.

  3. Chein Family. These Shabbat Dinners are for the Cheins to spend time together as a family.

Dinner schedule is subject to change. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

1/12 Community - On Childhood Jewish Education. RSVP Here.

1/19 Community - On Mentors. RSVP Here.

1/26 Chein Family

2/2 M54

2/9 Community - On Israel and Antisemitism

2/16 & 2/23 Break

3/1 Community

3/8 M54

3/15 Community - On Self Deception 

3/22 Chein Family

3/29 Community - On Curiosity

4/5 M54

4/12 Last Community Shabbat - On Concluding Reflections

5/3 Finals - TBD 

5/10 Senior Appreciation Shabbat (for seniors)

5/17 Commencement Shabbat (with families)